Vector Art

There are also some embroidery digitization and vector art conversion companies on the Internet, but because this is a very skilled job, consumer decisions must be made wisely because not all companies have real expertise. In this process, the digitizer first studies and analyzes how the embroidery is performed and see if any changes need to […]

Embroidery Business

You make sure you have enough practice. Do not want to let anything happen, you will learn to manually design your own design so that you can ensure that the program digitizing embroidery in the best way. After you have determined that you know the inside and outside of the embroidery digitizing program, you can […]

Pitbull Info

So you are looking for pitbull info but don´t know where to start right? I cannot blame you because a lot of the info that you stumble upon is biased and exaggerated. You see the mainstream media is doing a great job in saying that all pitbulls are killers and that they should be banned […]

Embroidery frame or hoop

If you always dream of pursuing your embroidery desire and don’t know where to begin, then this article is for you. The best thing about hand embroidery is that there is no rule; you can get the creativity you want and let your imagination fly higher. So without more courage, let’s start with basic supplies and […]

Different Easy And Affordable Ways For Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery is an art form that uses needles and threads to weave or sew any pattern or pattern on a cloth or fabric. It requires clear vision and dexterous hands to complete the complex design and pattern details. There are several types of custom embroidery digitizing that will definitely reflect your overall personality type. Custom embroidery […]

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