Blanka and Falke's Street Fighter 5 themes reportedly discovered; listen to 45 second samples of each

Blanka’a music is more vicious than ever, while Falke’s is more calm and deceptively peaceful

The Street Fighter community is beginning to get a tad antsy again as the “when’s the next DLC character going to be released” sentiments are beginning to swirl about social media more and more.

While we don’t have any information on Arcade Edition’s next fighter (presumably Blanka) quite yet, we do have a little something from the musical realm to tide you over.

A sampling of the AE soundtrack has been reportedly discovered on Japanese website, and said soundtrack includes 45 second clips of two themes we haven’t heard yet: Blanka’s and Falke’s.

If the DLC characters are to be released in the order they appear on their silhouette teaser, (this has been Capcom’s approach two years running) then Blanka and Falke will be the next two members of the SF5 roster.

Falke’s theme has a foundation similar to Juri’s, though it’s layered with a much more tranquil and mysterious lead. Blanka’s music surely hearkens back to his Street Fighter 2 theme, but is even more tribal and intense this time around.

You can listen to the two samples discussed here by clicking the respective images below, and you can listen to samplings from the full SF5AE soundtrack right here.

Click images for audio clips

Thank you to Shinkuu_Kikoken for the submission.

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