Dragon Ball Fighter Z roundup: Neutral guide and tons of touch-of-death combos

Touch of death combos are technically fine in “Versus” style fighters because the team aspect means that it’s only a third of your total “lifebar” gone when a character is knocked out. This is in addition to the fact these combos are resource intensive and — usually — situational. Dragon Ball FighterZ also protects the victims of character […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Touch-of-deaths, Senzu healing glitch, and more!

Air-dash style fighters are always attractive for their free-form combo possibilities. It’s probably no surprise that the logical conclusion of such open-ended combo systems are touch-of-death combos, and our submissions are starting to reflect that. Let’s jump into the SRK tipline and see what the community is up to! KOF combo maker COMBONAUTS tries his hand […]

Tune into Arc System Works’s Twitch stream today at 5:00 PM PST for a special announcement

Are you an Arc System Works fan, and had nothing to do planned in a few hours? Well, thanks to this surprise teaser on the @ArcSystemWorksU Twitter, you do now: Set your alarms! Today at 5pm PST, @jchensor will be hosting special guests Minoru Kidooka (Arc president), Mori Toshimichi (#BlazBlue) and Daisuke Ishiwatari (#GuiltyGear) for an #ArcLive […]

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