Tokaigi Game Party 2018 results

Earlier this month, we brought you news of an upcoming tournament in Japan known as Tokaigi Game Party 2018; now we have the results for the top titles. This was a jam-packed event featuring top tier action for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as well as our first taste […]

Mega Man X Likely Coming To Current-Gen Platforms Across Two Separate Collections

Back in December when Capcom announced it would be releasing the Mega Man X series on current-gen platforms in 2018, one detail which remained unclear was whether they would be packaged as a genuine collection or released one-by-one. Well, it looks like we may have our answer. The Australian Classification Board has rated Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man […]

World Warrior’s “Upgrade Your Arsenal” series shows off corner traps for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Ken

A fundamental aspect of 2D fighting games is pinning your opponent in the corner and keeping them there as long as possible. There’s a lot of different ways to do that in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but not many are as flashy or deceiving as Ken’s corner options. Most of the good stuff in World […]

Arc System Works stream interviews Ishiwatari and Mori, teases upcoming announcements

Yesterday, Arc System Works streamed for over an hour, showcasing interesting developer interviews with the top developers. The famed Daisuke Ishiwatari of Guilty Gear and Toshimichi Mori of BlazBlue were present, alongside Mike “Ninja Viking,” who translated Japanese into English. James Chen acted as the host, leading the show and asking the two developers questions. Here’s a breakdown of the show: […]

Blanka’s full Street Fighter V movelist and stats are now on the CFN Portal

We now know when our boy Blanka will be coming back to us, and we also know what his V-Skill and V-Triggers will be. However, what many longtime Blanka players are wondering is how his movelist has transitioned into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Well, now we know, since Capcom has uploaded Blanka’s full movelist onto the CFN Portal […]

Devil May Cry HD Collection Gets New Trailer; Twitch Prime Promotion Revealed

Capcom has released today a new trailer of Devil My Cry HD Collection, the compilation of games containing the first three adventures in the series for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The video contains footage from all three titles, showcasing the grapic improvement that has been applied to the games. This is very noticeable in […]

Capcom officially enters the Japanese esports scene with the opening of the Capcom Esports Club on February 17th

As Japan goes all-in on esports, Capcom have announced that they will officially be entering the Japanese esports market in 2018. According to an official press release, Capcom are looking to hold more tournaments within Japan in the coming year, to compliment “its existing North American esports business activities”. The expansion in the world of […]

Blanka Joins The Street Fighter 5 Cast On February 20

Capcom has announced that Blanka will be coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition on February 20, offering a rundown of his abilities and a trailer showing everything off in action. Blanka has come a long way since he first debuted in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Prior to the start of the game, Blanka […]

Blanka, the Warrior of the Amazon, joins the Street Fighter V cast on February 20th

Happy Birthday Blanka! Just as the Brazilian beastman turns 52, Capcom have announced that he will be joining the Street Fighter V cast on February 20th. Retaining his primal and electrifying fighting style, Blanka comes to Arcade Edition with a brand new command grab and a special crouching stance. His new command grab is called […]

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