VesperArcade offers a full breakdown of Blanka’s reveal trailer for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Blanka’s reveal came as birthday surprise for all of us, but with his sudden trailer and release next week, we got a lot of information on the changes to the character since his last appearance in Street Fighter IV. In his video breakdown, VesperArcade looks at all the tools afforded Blanka in Street Fighter V: […]

See Street Fighter V’s Warrior of the Amazon in action during tonight’s WSO Blanka showcase

Ahead of his release next week, Capcom UK are going to show off Blanka tonight during their regular Tuesday night WSO Sessions. As normal, expect a full breakdown of Blanka’s normals, specials and both of his V-Triggers from Capcom UK’s Matthew Edwards and Logan Sama, before some of the UK’s best Street Fighter V players […]

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