Skool Daze Reskooled

Be Eric the hero. Crack codes, fire catapults, hypnotise teachers, trap rats and frogs. Complete the tasks and don’t go over 10000 lines and get expelled. The 80’s smash hit game Skool Daze has returned with all the characters and trickiness of the original. Skool Sucks! That’s it; I don’t need to say anymore. Ok, […]

Andy Capp

Published by: Mirrorsoft Developed by: Blitter Animations Released: 1987 Also for: Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX Spectrum In case you didn’t know, Andy Capp is a notoriously un-PC British cartoon strip. It’s eponymous main character is an unemployed, beer-swilling, wife-beating layabout. He is strangely popular in the United States, even earning a mention in The Simpsons […]

Turrican 3

Published by Renegade Software Developed by Factor 5 GmbH Released 1993 Review by James Whelan Overview Turrican’s final outing on the Amiga in Turrican 3 (making Turrican 2’s sub-title, The Final Fight, less than accurate) is something of a mixed bag. Judged on its own merits it’s a perfectly serviceable and entertaining shoot-‘em-up, once again showcasing the Amiga’s […]

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