Learn how to punish common panic moves in Tekken 7

Panic buttons are a problem in any game. Tekken 7 is no exception, but many of these odd “panic buttons” can have odd recovery states you have to know about in order to punish properly, if you can at all. It doesn’t help any that panic buttons come in a wide variety of forms in […]

Nightmare|Gura showcases the “secrets” to playing Leo, Lili, and Kazumi in Tekken 7

One of the standout Tekken 7 players at Evo Japan last month was Team Nightmare’s Gura, who made it to top 8. The Thai lottery king has made a name for himself in Tekken 7 playing Leo, Lili, Kazumi, and Geese Howard. Now, Gura has released a series of videos where he “leaks the secrets” of some […]

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