There’s pain in your opponents’ future with these Menat resets and setups for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Menat is an execution-based player’s dream. Her abilities allow her to create some creative and exquisite combos; the problem with this is that damage scaling causes these combos to deal some relatively weak damage. This makes resets pivotal to make her work effectively.Embroidery Digitising In this video, we see a ton of reset […]

Infiltration answers questions from his fans on Street Fighter V, Evo Japan, and more in this YouTube video

Infiltration has gone from a 2017 that saw him struggle, to being instantly catapulted back to the upper echelons of players early in 2018 with his win at Evo Japan 2018. But with the changes he has experienced, he has remained the same humble and witty guy that always drew fans to him from the start. He recently […]

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