viennality 2k18 game lineup announced; Registration opens today

For the past two years, viennality has been a highlight for the NRS community in Vienna, Austria — with last year’s tournament serving as a Premier event in the Injustice 2 Pro Series, and the initial outing a year prior serving as the largest European Mortal Kombat XL tournament to date. Recently the game lineup for this year’s third […]

Raptor and HoneyBee look at the most significant changes in Injustice 2’s patch 1.16

With the final characters of Fighter Pack 3 — the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — set to raise some shell in Injustice 2 starting tomorrow, the game was recently updated to patch 1.16. This brought forth a host of balance changes for the likes of Catwoman, Supergirl, Hellboy, Black Adam, Enchantress, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Poison Ivy, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Raiden, […]

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