Pick up some top tier spacing tips from Boxer-King for Tekken 7

Spacing is wildly important in Tekken 7, regardless of what character you play. So even if BoxeR-King‘s latest tutorial looks at the subject from the perspective of Tekken’s local Luchador, the advice here can benefit any player: Being mindful of both your opponent’s options and different ranges, and your own, is only one of the […]

Catch the excitement between JDCR and JimmyJTran in Tekken 7 at StrongStyle 6

For Tekken 7 fanatics, StrongStyle 6 was the tournament to attend. With its singular focus on Tekken, the tournament housed some of the best in the game — not only from the United States, but the world. Grand Finals was quite a shake-up, as Korean legend JDCR faced off against US player JimmyJTran, who has […]

Tokaigi Game Party 2018 results

Earlier this month, we brought you news of an upcoming tournament in Japan known as Tokaigi Game Party 2018; now we have the results for the top titles. This was a jam-packed event featuring top tier action for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as well as our first taste […]

Learn how to punish common panic moves in Tekken 7

Panic buttons are a problem in any game. Tekken 7 is no exception, but many of these odd “panic buttons” can have odd recovery states you have to know about in order to punish properly, if you can at all. It doesn’t help any that panic buttons come in a wide variety of forms in […]

Content creators beware: MTV India is blocking Tekken 7 content from YouTube

Many content creators who have any sort of reach into Tekken 7 woke up to an unpleasant surprise Wednesday morning. They found that their recent uploads of the title had been removed from YouTube, based off of content claims from MTV India. One of the first public announcements was from Toronto Top Tiers’ NeoRussell, whose Monday Stun […]

Nightmare|Gura showcases the “secrets” to playing Leo, Lili, and Kazumi in Tekken 7

One of the standout Tekken 7 players at Evo Japan last month was Team Nightmare’s Gura, who made it to top 8. The Thai lottery king has made a name for himself in Tekken 7 playing Leo, Lili, Kazumi, and Geese Howard. Now, Gura has released a series of videos where he “leaks the secrets” of some […]

viennality 2k18 game lineup announced; Registration opens today

For the past two years, viennality has been a highlight for the NRS community in Vienna, Austria — with last year’s tournament serving as a Premier event in the Injustice 2 Pro Series, and the initial outing a year prior serving as the largest European Mortal Kombat XL tournament to date. Recently the game lineup for this year’s third […]

Hacker imports Story Mode “Hidden Stage” into online battle versus Tekken 7 Korean player CherryBerryMango

CherryBerryMango, a popular Korean Tekken 7 streamer (and a tournament force worth reckoning, as evidence by his defeat of Chanel at the Tekken World Tour 2017) encountered a surprise when playing on the PC version of Tekken 7 versus a use appropriately named “HiddenStage.” The stage, originally the story mode only setting for Alisa and Nina’s […]

SRK READER POLL RESULTS: A “fantasy” Evo game lineup, as chosen by your votes!

Eight main stage games for a hypothetical Evolution Championship Series, as selected by SRK readers! We asked you on Saturday morning to choose what eight titles — regardless of any real-world logistical, legal, or financial limitations — you would want to see on the Evo main stage. (We asked for eight because that is the number […]

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