Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Touch-of-deaths, Senzu healing glitch, and more!

Air-dash style fighters are always attractive for their free-form combo possibilities. It’s probably no surprise that the logical conclusion of such open-ended combo systems are touch-of-death combos, and our submissions are starting to reflect that. Let’s jump into the SRK tipline and see what the community is up to! KOF combo maker COMBONAUTS tries his hand […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ round up: tag concepts, beam clashes, resets, and combos that do over 9000 damage

Three weeks since launch and we’re still getting a lot of new video content for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This latest round up features a ton of combo videos as well as some guides and breakdowns. We start with none other than Final Showdown, who has become one of the biggest contributors in terms of video content […]

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