There’s pain in your opponents’ future with these Menat resets and setups for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Menat is an execution-based player’s dream. Her abilities allow her to create some creative and exquisite combos; the problem with this is that damage scaling causes these combos to deal some relatively weak damage. This makes resets pivotal to make her work effectively.Embroidery Digitising In this video, we see a ton of reset […]

Put your opponents on the ground with these Clouded Mirror setups for Necalli in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Necalli was always considered a strong character, but the changes he received in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition have made him even stronger. Within V-Trigger I, he has access to the new move Clouded Mirror, which moves fast, mixes up, and scores him a knockdown on hit. What can you do with the knockdown from […]

Pick up some top tier spacing tips from Boxer-King for Tekken 7

Spacing is wildly important in Tekken 7, regardless of what character you play. So even if BoxeR-King‘s latest tutorial looks at the subject from the perspective of Tekken’s local Luchador, the advice here can benefit any player: Being mindful of both your opponent’s options and different ranges, and your own, is only one of the […]

Keep people catching hands with these Balrog meaty setups in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Balrog caught the full brunt of the nerf bat in SFVAE Season 3. With the increase in pushback on standing heavy kick, his Crush Counter potential diminished — making many follow-ups difficult or impossible to do. That doesn’t mean that the move was rendered completely useless. While mostly only useful in the corner now, Brian_F shows […]

Dragon Ball Fighter Z roundup: Neutral guide and tons of touch-of-death combos

Touch of death combos are technically fine in “Versus” style fighters because the team aspect means that it’s only a third of your total “lifebar” gone when a character is knocked out. This is in addition to the fact these combos are resource intensive and — usually — situational. Dragon Ball FighterZ also protects the victims of character […]

Escape Bayonetta’s combos in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with this helpful primer from Rush Hour Smash

Following Frosbite 2018’s top 8 where Bayonetta made multiple appearances, the Smash 4 community has taken up its torches and pitchforks to go on a bit of a witch hunt. Despite her being able to kill off a single touch, Bayonetta is not unbeatable — as many pro Bayonetta players will attest to. While her […]

Learn how to punish common panic moves in Tekken 7

Panic buttons are a problem in any game. Tekken 7 is no exception, but many of these odd “panic buttons” can have odd recovery states you have to know about in order to punish properly, if you can at all. It doesn’t help any that panic buttons come in a wide variety of forms in […]

World Warrior’s “Upgrade Your Arsenal” series shows off corner traps for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Ken

A fundamental aspect of 2D fighting games is pinning your opponent in the corner and keeping them there as long as possible. There’s a lot of different ways to do that in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but not many are as flashy or deceiving as Ken’s corner options. Most of the good stuff in World […]

Jump right into these new Ryu safe jump setups for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Ryu received a major boon to his setup potential in the Season 3 update for Street Fighter V: with the two-frame reduction in recovery on his EX fireball, Ryu now has a new opportunity for safe jump setups on opponents’ quick rise. With an empty jump, Ryu can now beat out three frame reversals, and […]

Woolie breaks down control options, from beginner to advanced, in this video

If you are brand new to fighting games — and debating about whether or not to get a fightstick — there are numerous videos that break down this discussion recently. None, however, go into the detail that Woolie has in his most SCRUBGUIDES video — where he not only tells you to decide based on your preference, and […]

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