Ernesto Lopez Jr. and 'the Gail that won't fail' try to beat the 'Curse of the Show' in the second episode of Bogus Journeys

Will their points recover from these painful losses?

Ernesto Lopez Jr. is back with his second episode of “Bogus Journeys.” Last time, we saw Ernesto and Rick lose their platinum rank only to regain it in the final round played during the first episode.

Will they keep their rank throughout this episode? Or will they lose it in the very first round? Well… the title of the episode is “The Curse of the Show.”

Spoiler alert: Ernesto forgot to do a button check before starting the show once again! Luckily, he was able to adapt and figure out how to activate V-Trigger in the middle of the madness (which is an impressive feat).

This time, they brought in a special guest to also participate in the ranked matches — Ernesto’s son. We get to see some Ryu gameplay in addition to Guile and Abigail.

The journey in the video might come across as familiar to some. Playing ranked matches in Street Fighter 5 can be quite the rollercoaster ride. Sometimes you just lose thanks to laggy sequences…

Luckily, the self proclaimed “Gail that won’t fail” was able to earn the team some points in one of the matches.

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