Here's how I'd nerf Abigail in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition 3.5 while still keeping him fun

Abigail has had a big bullseye on him since the patch notes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition dropped. It’s a very active topic in the community.

Many people felt the character was previously already good, and he received substantial buffs in the latest release.

We’ve seen a ton of hate about Abby from Infiltration, Luffy and countless others. One of the community’s favorite punching bags at the moment, Season 3 Abigail, is often claimed to be “overpowered” and “brain dead”.

Most Abigail players swear by how fun he is to use however, and the changes I’ve listed here would focus on keeping these aspects intact, but dialing back the reward that he gets for a successful read.

I’ve logged a couple hundred matches against Abigail, and studied the match intently from tournament footage, so while I don’t think my opinions are all encompassing, I believe they offer a decent reflection of his status.

To set the stage a bit though, let’s look over some of the complaints people have had about the fighter.

Click images for Abigail madness


+ Best damage in the game.

+ Highest stamina.

+ Terrific corner lock down.

+ Strong V-Triggers.

+ Outstanding Critical Art.


– Horrible defense once he’s knocked down.

– Struggles to get in consistently.

– Bad mobility.

– Can be very all or nothing.

V-Trigger 1 increased to three bars, timer drains like in Season 2.5

Abigail’s V-Trigger 1 is among the most powerful in the entire game. He gets massive damage and unblockable setups with it. Much like Balrog, Urien and M. Bison’s V-Trigger 1, my solution would be to make it a three bar activation, so Abigail gets it a bit later in the match.

This would actually be a significant nerf, as the odds of Abigail getting steamrolled before he can even get his V-Trigger 1 up would increase (see horrible defense), and it would lower his opportunities to do his terrific burst damage.

Capcom extended V-Trigger 1’s timer, which seems like an unnecessary buff the character didn’t need.

Even with these nerfs I believe Abigail’s V-Trigger 1 would still be among the best in the entire game, but it would fall closer in line with other character’s V-Triggers who have the same power and abilities.

Critical Art damage reduced by 10

Abigail’s Critical Art is often the reason he makes it onto so many Twitch clips.

He has one of the easiest times comboing into it, among the entire cast.

Reducing the damage by 10 would bring it down to 340 total, the same as Karin’s. Considering how strong this currently already is, it’s still going to hurt bad when he lands it.

Damage on Heavy Punch moves are a problem

Heavy Punch moves are a large portion of what makes Abigail such a fun character to use.

Setting up the opponent for a huge and fear invoking strike is something that causes even the best of players to buckle under the pressure.

As such, I wouldn’t want to see the setups or utilities of these moves changed, because they are damn fun to see and use, but instead I’d like to see Abby get less damage from actually landing them.

I’d propose a collective nerf of each of Abigail’s V-Trigger 1 Heavy Punch moves, reducing the damage between 5-10 apiece.

When you see Abigail players doing jaw dropping damage, it’s typically off of one of these moves.

Even with this nerf, the character will do eye popping damage, it’ll just be toned down a bit. The utility of these attacks, in terms of frame data and setups, wouldn’t be touched in my proposal.

Other odds and ends

• What about V-Trigger 2? – We already did a great piece discussing this, which I think still holds up.

• Dynamite Punch back to Season 2.5 version – Right now it’s a bit too easy to make this move safe. Previously, it required better spacing and timing on Abigail doing a Run to make it safe, and I’d like to see this change reverted.

• Keep his light normals intact – One of the buffs I firmly agreed with from S2.5 to 3 was making his cr.LP and cr.LK better. The character was previously a bit too free when being rushed down, and I think giving him more tools to prevent this was the right call.

• Abigail Punches less pushback on block – Right now there are multiple occasions where Abigail Punches are safe on block, because they pushback so far. If a player commits to this move, and it’s blocked, punish opportunities should be a bit more readily available.

• On the fence about Standing Medium Punch – This move is REALLY good and can be spammed in many cases if Abby has the opponent cornered, and then hit confirmed into a large combo. While it seems possibly too good, from a damage perspective, this is also Abigail we’re talking about, and moves like these are a core basis of the character. I am not campaigning for this move to be changed, but it’s also a little ridiculous how much the character can get away with spamming it when the opponent is cornered. As I said, I’m on the fence about this one.

Tweak the character, but don’t ruin what he is

Abigail is a really fun and unique character in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

He brings a ton of hype and energy to the game due to his approach and abilities.

As such, I hope Capcom tones him down, but is still able to keep the elements that make him such a joy to play and watch intact.

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