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So you are looking for pitbull info but don´t know where to start right? I cannot blame you because a lot of the info that you stumble upon is biased and exaggerated.

You see the mainstream media is doing a great job in saying that all pitbulls are killers and that they should be banned from the face of earth. Now the first problem is that the term pitbull is usually associated with an array of breeds and mixed
Filhotes de Pitbull e American Bully à Venda – Canil Pit Bully breeds that should not even be considered as pitbulls.

Normally only 3 breeds should fall under the category of pitbulls.

These breeds are:

1. The American Pitbull Terrier also known as APBT
2. The American Staffordshire Terrier also known as Amstaff
3. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Now if you want to further add to the category of Bully Breeds (slightly different that Pitbulls) you can also include the American Bulldog and the Bull Terrier. Other dogs that the media wrongly includes as pitbulls are presa canarios, dogo argentino, cane corso and some other mixed breeds. When one of this dogs does someting wrong the title of the article usually starts with “Pitbull viciously bites the postman”. That´s not fair.

But what was the original question again? Ah where can I find reliable pitbull info: Below I will give you a list of my top 5 recommendations on where to find it.

1. Responsible Breeders:

Check out if they only breed one type of dog (let´s say only amstaffs or only American pitbull terriers), if they belong to organizations, are invoved in show competitions and take pride in breeding the best type of pitbull. They will be happy to give you all the pitbull info needed and will warn you that pitbulls are not for everyone.

2. Talk to responsible owners of pitbulls.

Someone that has owned one or, ideally, several types of pitbulls can tell you about his exeperiences and give you some invaluable tips. Remember nothing is better than practical experience. Yesterday for example, I was talking with the owner of a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he told me that she is very sweet with people but that most of the time he can´t trust her around other dogs. This man also owns a small farm where he has other dogs including a Rottweiler. Recently his Staffordshire bull terrier female got into a fight over food with the rottie and to separate the fight he had to throw both dogs in the swimming pool. That´s why I am saying “nothing beats practical experience”. It is one thing to read that you should be careful with interactions between your pitbull and other dogs but having a painful experience get´s you learning much faster.

3. Visit your local shelter or pitbull rescue group.

They will surely know a lot about the breed and be able to give some great pitbull info.

4. Books and Magazines

Go to your local book store and pick up some books about pitbulls. Read a few pages to get the feel if you like how the info is written.

5. Internet

Believe it or not, some websites do a great job of giving you the best pitbull info they can. You just have to be a little selective. Hope you enjoyed this article and wish you good luck on your search.

Andrew Tomio is a pitbull lover who is determined to put an end to all the myths surrounding the breed


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