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I am very confused to start this topic as there are many things to cover as well. But let’s take a start to continue with this conceptual article from the very beginning to let you know what embroidery digitizing is? I hope you will find it interesting and informative as well. I often meet people and they ask me almost the same question about embroidery digitizing, roughly speaking:

“I’m a graphic designer/illustrator. I know how to convert a simple picture into vector art or format. But today on this topic you will get to know concepts of embroidery digitizing. Now I want to convert my vector designs into embroidery and bring them to market.”Based on this situation, people believe that digitization is an easy task or get maximum profit. Some people think that it is just a game of a few clicks to digitize any picture into any format. There are lots of software introduced in the market which automatically digitizes your picture into embroidery. According to this scenario, I agree that you can do this with the help of a few clicks, but do you think the design Embroidery digitizingwill be good? Digitization is definitely a learning technology, a craft, a trade and an art. So if you want to be an embroidery digitizer or engineer, you have to study a lot and you need to collect accurate information. Spend some time studying, reading, studying, attending classes, and gaining experience as an artist. After all, you only need a good computer, a digitizing the software, embroidery machine and of course an imaginative, conceptual or draw a design.

A good artist needs time, energy and some work to develop. Before you jump directly into a digitizer/engineer, what do you need to know about embroidery? You need to know about the types of needles, threads, stabilizers and their use in digitizing process. You can take help from the internet but it becomes little tough to work without experience. Until you understand and actually operate, you can learn correctly.Next, what you really need to know are the embroidery machines, embroidery threads, embroidery thread sizes, bobbin thread, and needles, etc. These are the main and basic things in the embroidery task. The next thing is stabilizers that are similarly designed to support or replace fabric under intensive pressure. It is a multi-directional machine that can be used in a variety of ways but is often used with embroidery hoops to create designs. The most technical part is to understand the stitch density. The design completely changes to stitch density. If you don’t know how to solve this problem, it will be destroyed.

Once you are familiar with all the points described, you will become a better digitizer/artist. These are some of the important tasks. As well as you become expert in these tasks, you can definitely get highly paid digitizer. Furthermore, you can open your own embroidery digitizing company as well.  Hopefully, you found this article helpful.


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