Why is Abigail getting so much hate these days? Vesper takes a closer look at Abby's biggest strengths in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Touch of stun combos, two bar V-Trigger 1, five frame normals and the most damage potential in all of Radiator Springs

When paper changes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition came out, people were already wary of the buffs Abigail was set to get. When said changes actually rolled out, initial reactions widely agreed that Abby’s damage output (and means into it) were just too strong.

Vesper Arcade has produced a video wherein they examine the specifics of the buffs Abigail received.

These changes mainly just saw the character’s light attacks getting faster by a single frame, and while such alterations are not all that daunting at first glance, the implications actually go pretty far.

New combos are now possible for the damage output monster, and his command grab game is only strengthened as the potential for frame traps is only higher.

Though very early reactions saw the new and refurbished Abigail as a huge problem, there’s also a population that claims said reactions are hyperbolic, and that the character’s defensive weaknesses balance out his offensive strengths once players have done their homework to understand how to take counter measures.

Still, seeing such sequences as the ones below from AB|Stormkubo at EVO Japan do make for something of a case in and of themselves. Give these a watch, check out the video and then let us know how you feel about Abigail in the comments.

Click images for animated versions

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